ForeFlight iPhone Edition! It’s Live! and SilverCurve, producers of ForeFlight Desktop Edition™, have teamed up to produce a new product: ForeFlight iPhone Edition™! Here’s the press release: announced today the availability of two new mobile applications designed specifically for the iPhone. MyMetar iPhone Edition™ provides pilots access to their accounts and aviation weather information from their Apple iPhones. ForeFlight iPhone Edition™, a premium offering, combines’s functionality and an innovative A/FD, automatic favorites™, airport and weather searches, integration with the iPhone’s native Google Maps application, and integration with the iPhone’s calling system. These two ground-breaking applications provide pilots access to the information they need from any location.  


“Pilots are, by definition, ubiquitous travelers, and so being able to get the information they need right in their hands and on demand can really make their routines a lot more efficient,” said co-founder, Jason Miller. “It’s a great application on a very cool hardware platform – flight data in your pocket.” ForeFlight iPhone Edition™ is the marriage of ForeFlight Desktop Edition™, a tool for combining airport and weather data with intuitive graphics, and, a popular Web 2.0 service for accessing frequently needed weather information. The combined features delivered on the most innovative mobile platform available make ForeFlight iPhone Edition™ an amazingly useful companion.  


“Since our launch on July 7, 2007, we have already signed up an impressive number of subscribers. We expect that the large and ForeFlight user bases will welcome this new addition to the family, “ said Tyson Weihs, co-founder of “Since ForeFlight iPhone Edition™ is fundamentally a web application, we can add new functionality quickly and keep surprising our users with inventive, time-saving features. Our roadmap is very, very exciting.”  ForeFlight iPhone Edition™ is available through a monthly or yearly subscription service. MyMetar iPhone Edition™ is available free of charge. Additional information can be found at   



Tyson Weihs or Jason Miller,     



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    I’m going to give the answer early today so that I can post the weekend question… snazzy use of the “i” tag huh? Click

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